• Would you like to watch a perfect pink and orange sun rise early one morning in June, while perched on a rock in majestic silence at the top of Montségur castle in the foothills of the Pyrenees?
  • Or would you prefer to watch the burning red sun melt down over the horizon one autumn sunset, while leaning from the castle ramparts of Carcassonne, staring beyond the kilometres of rich red, orange and yellow hues of the vineyard-clad valleys and hills to the west?
  • Or further still, would you prefer to sit in an open glade in the heart of a forest, listening to the sounds of the birds and insects at play, catching the odd glimpse of a deer perhaps as it gently pads past on its never-ending search for lush growth?

What is a Soul Journey?

hummingbeemothFor us, a Soul Journey is about re-connecting with nature and ourselves to find inner peace and happiness whether by walking near or far, meditating outdoors, or simply sitting and watching the living, breathing natural world on our very own doorstep.

  • It's about getting outside into fresh country air and walking in it, being in it, living in it, sitting and breathing in it. 
  • It's about spending time observing and becoming aware of the natural beauty of life which surrounds us all to such an extent that we sense a vital connectivity with nature - the wind in your hair, the rain on your face, the sun on your back, and the earth beneath your feet.
  • It's about taking the time to listen to the perfect melody of birdsong, to hear and feel the magic whispering of the wind in the trees, to appreciate the delicate intricacy of a leaf, or watch the cautiousness of a rabbit as a sparrow hawk hovers closely overhead.

Why walk here?potter testimonial

You can do all the above while rambling in beautifully wooded hills, through rolling vineyards, over garrigue-clad peaks and down Jurassic-era valleys in the Razès, following in the footsteps of the celebrated Cathar martyrs and exploring 12th Century castles in the Aude and Ariège départements in the south of France.

A Soul Journey offers you a choice from over 30 guided and self-guided walks (ranging from 5 - 40 km) around the Razès and historic Cathar hills, based in a Razès Gîte giving you the place and space within which to unwind and relax. 

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 walkme4Who are they for?

A Soul Journey is for anyone who wants to leave behind the draining hum-drum of the towns and cities for a while and take the time and space to feel the connection of the natural world all around, a vibrant living and breathing world that is still there.

It's for those who want to renew a sense of well-being through exploring ways and means of unwinding, calming and truly relaxing, outdoors in nature not just once a year, but as and when it's needed.

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peace and quietWhat are my options?

Whether you want Self-catering, B&B, Full- or Half-board, we can accommodate to suit your needs.

Razès Gîtes can accommodate singles or couples in both Soujeole and Corbières Gîtes (max two in either), and a further 4 people in La Cour du Blé. This means that you can choose to come alone, as a couple or with friends, as each gîte and four secluded gardens safe-guard your need for privacy and space.

A discount of 20% will be applied for single person occupancy to encourage solo walkers!

Don't want to drive and need an airport transfer? Check out our Prices page to see all available options.

 Why should I experience a Soul Journey?

"To find and know yourself, look all around you in the world. To find and know the world, look into all the depths within yourself.” Rudolf Steiner

Marie testimonialhammockSoul Journeys help you re-discover the natural balance and harmony between mind, body and soul.

Apart from the guided and self-guided walks, we also provide you with space within which to unwind: your own gîte, private and tranquil gardens and grange, and the Razès countryside on your doorstep, just a breath away.