The Owners - Jo & Bob

Survivors of a combined total of over 50 (ouch!) years of practising and teaching management and marketing, Jo and Bob now live and breathe the fresh air of freedom in an unspoilt corner of rural southern France called the Razès.

BobNorton3 2Bob's Soul Journey often means that he's not going anywhere as he's tied to the office. At least all walkers know who to call when they have a question!

Jo leads all the guided Soul Journey walks in and around the Razès region and beyond to the renowned and mysterious Cathare castles set within their own stunning and unique countryside.


"I have walked all my life for health, for healing and for pleasure. Thirteen years ago, I moved to a remote area called the Razès and set up a small business offering guided and self-guided walks to walkers coming from all over the world and I still love it today. Surrounded by such breath-taking countryside, I'd be hard pushed not to. I have been walking established paths and marking out my own trails here in the Pays Cathare ever since and love to share them with all who are willing to walk them. I have become so familiar with their changing faces over the seasons that I feel a strong and respectful connection to these lands and all who dwell in them.

"I have walked the Sentier Cathare twice, the Camino de Santiago twice, and the Razès in all directions of the compass.  The peace and tranquility I experience while out walking, particularly on long walks, inspired me to start writing. I quite literally talk the content of my books into a voice recorder wherever and whenever I walk."